Retrospect Q1

Retrospect Q1 - Our update about the latest developments of 9to5

april 6th 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, the team has been busy with many different projects. Minor updates, app maintenance, as well as new features and general improvements. Besides improving products and project, we are now also busy improving our workflows through 'improvement sessions'.

For our projects, we have done some general maintenance. We continue to do this to keep apps up-to-date and ensure that all our partners continue to benefit from the best quality. Therefore, we have been doing a maintenance round for TRC, GymVIP, Tevins and YourPrEP this quarter. All users can again benefit from the latest technologies and best performance. GymVIP provides support for gyms and athletes to offer tailor-made work-outs. Realtors can use Tevins to easily do and sign a pre-, intermediate and final inspection. YourPrEP is an app for PrEP drug users, to easily keep track of the use of the drug.

We are also adding a new feature to the app of our partner 24Baby: a new feed header. As a result, all users now have a nice overview of their pregnancy at the top of the 'today' page. Here, icons and visuals show how big the baby is now and what it roughly looks like in 3D and in the belly.

Our own products also got some love this quarter. 9to5's very first app, nummi, got another maintenance update. This allows all daily users to enjoy playing again. We have also been busy completely revamping the website of the Fietskluizen app to lay a foundation for the redesign of the Fietskluizen app.

Finally, we have been working on some internal improvements. Our quotation system had an update so that multiple signatures can now be added. We have also been working on general improvement through 'Improvement sessions', be sure to read the previous news item to read more about this.

We appreciate all the feedback we are privileged to receive, this keeps us on our toes and so we continue to deliver the highest quality and continuously improve. If you find a bug or just have a question for us, send us an e-mail at

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