Complete care: from design to development.

At 9to5 we provide everything necessary for an appealing and functioning app. We create supporting servers as well as suitable applications. Furthermore, we can provide you with dashboards and the tools necessary to get insight into the activity of your users. Lastly, we can provide hosting and support, customised to your wishes.

Discuss your ideas together

In this phase we discuss your ideas extensively. The developers that will work on your app, website or backend are involved from the very beginning so they can actively contribute to the functionalities and design. At the end of this phase you receive a non-binding quote enriched with visual teasers that indicate how your project could look in the future.

Technical analysis and research

If you're not sure yet about your demands and wishes, we can help you out! In this consultancy phase, we analyze the existing technology, engage with stakeholders, conduct user testing, and deliver a detailed technical plan. Based on this analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of potential next steps, including a technical plan and a corresponding quotation.

Your idea, visualized

The basis for all our projects is user experience and graphic design. That is why a design sprint precedes every development sprint. The product is designed to the fullest extent resulting in an online wireframe, which you can study in detail. This allows you to submit important design changes before development is started.

The realization

During the development phase we turn your ideas into reality. We do this in sprints of two weeks to create new functionality in short intervals. By dividing work into smaller parts we can show intermediate results to you, allowing you to be more flexible in taking further choices. After each sprint you are provided with a version of the app, so you can test this intermediate version.

An app well launched is an app well done

After the development phase your previously envisioned idea will be available online. However, the software development world keeps on changing, which means that your app might become outdated. We can help you provide support and maintenance for your app. Would you rather not be stuck with a support contract? No problem, you are always welcome to continue development at a later stage.

Simplify your life now.