Tailor-made advice and service

Do you have an idea for a website or app but are you not sure where to start? Or do you already know exactly what you want, but are looking for the right party to carry it out? At 9to5 you're at the right place! We like to contribute to your ideas so that we can create your perfect digital solution together. Together with you we will look for the perfect solution for your problem or challenge.

Free consultation

During the first intake interview, Tom and Susan will listen carefully to your wishes. They ask the right questions in order to fully empathize with the target group, the problem and, of course, the client. This conversation is experienced as very valuable by our clients.

The best choice for the solution depends on the customer's requirements, wishes and budget. That is why 9to5 actively thinks with you during the implementation of your project. Of course we always keep the technical possibilities in mind. This allows us to make a choices together with the client, always keeping the highest quality in mind.

App or website launch

After a number of sprints, your product is ready for release. But how do you actually release? For many of our customers this is the first time they're dealing with this. For us, however, it's a piece of cake and we can turn every release into a success.

In this, too, we completely unburden the customer. We take care of uploading the apps to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play, or publishing the website on the web. We also arrange hosting and a server (API). Read more about this further down this page.



If your project also includes an API, we also provide customized hosting. We offer a starter package for hosting at a very affordable rate. Do you have a lot of users, a lot of data and/or a lot of data traffic? Then a larger database is required and also more capacity at the server. This causes costs to be somewhat higher, but your users will not notice any difference in performance (speed).

9to5 Elite - customized service

9to5 Elite - customized service

After we've launched, you'll have a working app that's all yours. But the world continues to change and apps and websites can become obsolete quickly. Accordingly, we can help you maintain and optimize the app. Would you rather not be stuck with a support contract? No problem, you are always welcome to continue development at a later stage.

If you do want maintenance we offer a tailor-made contract. With this subscription, you purchase a fixed number of hours each month at a reduced hourly rate. You can use these hours flexibly for maintenance, support or further development. Are you not using the hours this month? No problem, you just take them with you to the next month! The number of hours you purchase per month depends on the size of the project and of course your budget.

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