Nummi maintenance update!

Nummi maintenance update! - Our app nummi has a new update!

9 March 2023

Nummi is the online version of Rummikub®. Be the first one to empty your rack by placing as many rows and series with stones of the right colour and numbers. You can invite up to three friends to play an online game of Nummi together. You can play multiple games simultaneously and, in addition, you can chat with your fellow players.

It's been quite a while since our idea for the app Nummi was born. It is now more than 11 years since Nummi first appeared in the App Store. And still it is one of our favourite games!

We think it is important to keep our apps well maintained, so it was time for another maintenance update. A number of bugs have been fixed and we have provided some minor improvements. All this ensures that our 14,000 daily active useres, can continue to enjoy playing Nummi.

Who would you like to play a game against? Download the app for free via the App Store or Google Play and invite your friends!

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