Meet Sylvester

Meet Sylvester - We would like to introduce you to our new team member Sylvester

1st June 2023

Besides reinforcements on almost all flanks of our company, it was time to strengthen the backend side as well. Earlier this year, we introduced our iOS developers Piotr en Dana to you, and today it is the turn of our newest addition to the team: Sylvester. He will join us full-time as a backend developer until the summer, after which he will do his internship here.

Sylvester studies Computer Science in Breda and, like most of us, has a passion for programming. His passion for software started with Linux. The idea that code is publicly accessible and free really appealed to him and since then he has only used open source software whenever possible. When he learned about the functional programming language Elixir, he was immediately sold. That is what he will be working with a lot at our company.

Apart from programming, Sylvester has another big hobby: motorcycling. Especially when the weather is nice, you can see him riding around the region. And unlike some of us, he doesn't come to our beautiful office on his bike, but on his motorbike!

Do you have a passion for programming like Sylvester and would you like to join our team? We still have vacancies and are for instance still looking for a Front-end Vue.js developer. Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Then contact us at!

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