Meet Piotr and Dana

Meet Piotr and Dana - We would like to introduce you to our team members Piotr and Dana

19th of January 2023

Next to all the additions on diferent sides of the company it became time to reinforce our iOS team. Last time we introduced you to Tim and Yannick and today it is time to talk about our newest team members Piotr and Dana. They both joined the team as full-time iOS Developers and are joining forces to create the best experience for Apple users.

Piotr, our Polish Swift coder, has always been keen to exploring new things and learning to use them to resolve problems. He is a big gadget enthusiast, including Apple devices but also Bleuthooth peripheral devices. In his spare time he likes to explore anything and everything, from exploring different parts of The Netherlands to physics, chemistry, astronomy and mathemathics, something new to learn everyday. Because of this exploring mindset he learned Swift from the get go in 2014 and is still using it to make user-friendly applications.

Dana found his passion for programming during gaming. After first making a small-scale game for iOS he found a missing piece in a game he was playing. To solve this missing piece he made an app and that made him go down the developer career path. In his free time he likes to exercise at home, at least he really wants to, and he is still a fanatic gamer. Steve Job’s ways made him choose the iOS developer pathway and we are really happy to have him on-board.

Do you also have a passion for programming and would you like to join our team like Piotr and Dana? We currently have a number of vacancies open. Take a look at the vacancies for Web Developer and Elixir Developer for example. Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Then contact us at!

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