Meet Tim en Yannick

Meet Tim en Yannick - We would like to introduce you to our newest additions Tim en Yannick

20th December 2022

Our team keeps on growing so it is time to introduce our newest additions to the team. Last time we introduced you to our Android Developers Dominique en Jovche. Today it is our pleasure to introduce Tim and Yannick. They respectively reinforce our team full-time as Web Developer and part-time as Support Engineer.

Firstly Tim has been working in our team since September as Web Developer. Programming has had his drive since high-school. There he took a Computer Science subject where he earned some money on the side from his fellow student by finishing projects for them. Started early on and never stopped earning his salary by programming. On the weekends he likes to play some football. Unfortunately at the moment a knee-injury stands inbetween him and the field but you might see him playing his best ever in the near futher when he is back.

Yannick started in the beginning of september with us next to his study Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft. When he is not working or studying he likes to play some tennis and more than often you can find him in the gym. With some experience in communication as a personal trainer and the technical skills from his study he is a good addition to answer all the question in our support channels. If you find a bug in one of our apps or experience a problem you can always reach us and he will take good care of all your questions.

Do you also have a passion for programming and would you like to join our team like Tim and Yannick? We currently have a number of vacancies open. Take a look at the vacancies for Web Developer and Elixir Developer for example. Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Then contact us at!

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