YourPrEP launch

YourPrEP launch - This week we launched the YourPreP app. An app that is able to help prevent the spread of HIV in high-risk groups.

16 April 2021

This week we launched the YourPreP app. The app is for iOS and Android and is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. This app was developed on behalf of the GGD Amsterdam.

PrEP is a drug suitable for people who have a higher risk of contracting HIV. The YourPrEP app can be used for everything related to PrEP use. The app contains all information about the effects and side effects of PrEP as well as how to get PrEP. In addition, users can track their sexual activity in the app, keep track of when they've taken PrEP, and receive a notification when it's time to take the next dose. The built-in pill counter allows users to keep track of how many pills they still have at home. As an extra tool, there is also a holiday mode, which the user can use to indicate when they're going on holiday. The tool then calculates how many pills the user should take with them and whether they still have enough pills at home.

YourPreP was a really fun project to work on. We've taken extra safety measures because of the privacy sensitive nature of the user data associated with the app. As an example, we stored user email addresses in an irreversibly encrypted form, which is normally only common for passwords. With this app we found a way to stay in contact with the user without needing their email address, allowing us to store this information in an encrypted form. Of course the general rules and safety measures we have regarding privacy were also upheld.

The project with the GGD Amsterdam went very well and we are looking forward to a long-term and fruitful collaboration!

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