Vrijmibo's and team outings

Vrijmibo's and team outings - Our vrijmibo's and our yearly teamoutings

23th december 2022

It's Friday! And at 16.55pm, that means time for the vrijmibo and we get together for a drink. We grab a beer, wine and some food and chat about all sorts of things. Where weekend plans are discussed at length of course because the vrijmibo is, among other things, a great time to celebrate the weekend.

Whereas our demodo at 4.30pm on Thursday is about our projects and what we've been working on over the past week, the vrijmibo is more about getting to know each other in a different way. We think it's important to have a good time together, also outside work. After all, it is important to keep having fun at the office in order to continue creating the best work together.

That is why we plan something nice to do with our team every now and then and it was that time again! We started at the office with the game 'Catch the plane'. We ran through the office to be the first team to put a charger or glasses in the right place and struggled with spelling words the other way round. This of course involved a lot of laughter.

After this fun team game, we all went out for dinner in Delft, followed by a pub quiz hosted by our own Susan. We were divided into three teams and after several rounds of trivia and music, the team with the most questions answered correctly was given the first prize: mini air hockey. The winners decided to share the prize with the whole team, so we have a fun new game at the office for our breaks!

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