The advantanges of Vue and Nuxt 3

The advantanges of Vue and Nuxt 3 - Implementing the newest, we do this with Vue and Nuxt 3

march 29th, 2024

At 9to5 software, we are always busy with the latest innovations in our sector. We have now transitioned from Vue and Nuxt 2 to Vue and Nuxt 3. Vue is the JavaScript framework we use to create our web applications. You can compare it to React (from Facebook), but better! We see the benefits of working with the latest technology, allowing us to deliver the best products for our clients. We started this update at the beginning of 2023 and are currently on track, with a few more web applications left to update. We look forward to sharing more about Vue and Nuxt 3 in this article.

What is Vue?

Vue is a JavaScript framework used within 9to5 to create user interfaces. It enables us to develop interactive and dynamic web applications for both ourselves and our clients. Vue makes developing web applications that work in all modern browsers easier, more enjoyable, and stable.

What is Nuxt?

Nuxt is a (node.js) framework built on top of Vue. It ensures that the initial JavaScript isn't executed in your browser but on our server so that you -and even Google(!)- can immediately see the page for improved website visibility. Additionally, it provides a set of conventions and useful tricks that take much work off developers' hands, allowing us to focus even more on interesting aspects.

Here is a list of the important features of the new system and the reasons why we use it at 9to5, both for our clients and for ourselves.

Speed and Bundle Size

Vue 3 offers a significant improvement in speed and efficiency. The smaller bundle size (the amount of code in your browser) means faster loading times, resulting in a better user experience.

TypeScript Support

Both Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 provide first-class TypeScript support. This makes developing robust, type-safe applications easier and more efficient.

Composition API

The Composition API in Vue 3 allows for extracting and reusing logic. This leads to a more logical organization of code, improving code maintainability and readability.

Development Speed

The transition to Vue and Nuxt 3 has led to an increase in development speed, thanks to improved tooling and more efficient code organization.


Vue and Nuxt 3 offer improved performance through more efficient code and better optimization techniques. This results in faster applications that consume fewer resources.

Developer Experience

Nuxt 3 provides an enhanced developer experience with a more intuitive API and better development tools. This makes developing applications a more enjoyable and productive experience.


Nuxt 3 offers improved SEO capabilities, such as the useSeoMeta function. This makes it easier to build SEO-friendly applications, potentially leading to better visibility in search engines.

The above points are aspects that we at 9to5 software highly value and use daily in our work! You can view our applications where we use Vue 3 and Nuxt 3 by visiting our showcases.

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