Poopon update, works even better now!

Poopon update, works even better now! - New developments for a better experience

march 23rd, 2024

Parenting is an unforgettable time, but it can also be challenging. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, time is precious, and financial savings are always welcome. That's why 9to5 software created Poopon, an application on web, iOS and Android, designed to help you find your favourite diapers at the lowest prices without the stress of comparing prices at different stores. With Poopon, you can enjoy worry-free shopping while saving money for other important aspects of parenting.

Update to the system

Behind the scenes, 9to5 software is always working on improving its products. The latest update of Poopon introduces advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that accurately matches products from various webshops with the items in the Poopon application. This intelligent technology ensures that you always have access to real-time information and the best prices, regardless of where you choose to shop. Poopon not only makes it easy but also economical to find the right diapers.

Update of the application

An evolution has occurred in the development of Poopon with the introduction of Kotlin multiplatform, KMM. This innovation means that Poopon now uses a shared codebase for business logic, allowing the app to run seamlessly on both Android and iOS. As a result, this leads to a consistent and uniform user experience across different devices, enhancing the accessibility and user-friendliness of Poopon to a higher level.

On Android the new features are in use

Great news for Android users. The Poopon application is now available with all the mentioned improvements in the Google Play Store. Start enjoying the many benefits and convenience of Poopon right away. For iOS enthusiasts, there's also good news on the horizon. The Poopon application for iOS is well underway and scheduled to be released in the App Store soon. Soon, all parents, regardless of their choice for Android or iOS, can take advantage of the fantastic features and savings that Poopon has to offer. Discover the joy of seamless diaper shopping while benefiting from the best deals.

Are you a (future) parent? What are you waiting for? Make your life easier and save money with the Poopon application! Take a look on the web-version of install the application on your phone through this link. With Poopon buying diapers will become simple, so that you’ll be able to focus on the other part, changing the diaper!

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