Meet Eva and Ivana

Meet Eva and Ivana - We have further strengthened our team! Meet Eva and Ivana.

December 8, 2023

At the end of the summer, two new employees joined the 9to5 team, Eva and Ivana. Christina trained Ivana and unfortunately left our team because other challenges awaited her. Together, Eva and Ivana form the new team for various HR and Support roles on a part-time basis. But who are these ladies?

Eva is currently pursuing two Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science & Economics and Economics & Business Economics at Leiden University and Erasmus University. In addition to traveling between cities, she enjoys being active and socially connecting with people, which is evident in her role in HR & Recruitment. Outside of work, she is also active and social; you can spot her on the hockey field several times a week, and her goal this year is to run a full marathon.

Ivana has a passion for working with people, and HR and Support roles are made for her. In addition to working at 9to5, she is in her final year of het Bachelor International Creative Business in The Hague. Ivana learns a lot about marketing and takes on marketing tasks at 9to5. Furthermore, Ivana is very active, rarely sitting still. You can find her in the gym every morning, and on weekends, she often plays paddle with friends. When there's a bit of sun, she spends her off-duty hours sunbathing or surfing at the beach!

Both ladies complement each other well and bring different strengths to the new team. This new team strengthens the connection within the rich developer team at 9to5.

If you're interested in joining 9to5, you'll have an interview with Eva or Ivana. We currently have many open positions, such as for a UI Designer and a Marketing Medewerker

At 9to5, we need more than just a team of developers!

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