'Love for Code' by Tom

'Love for Code' by Tom - As a developer, I have the power to improve users' lives, and also to optimise my own work, which makes it very dynamic and rewarding.

March 1st, 2024

What's so great about our profession? Our CTO Tom explains:

The fun part about the world of technology and software development is the special power not everyone has; the ability to create something out of nothing. It's a fascinating experience to start with a blank screen and transform it into a cozy game or a vibrant community. This process of creation and innovation is what drives me every day. The idea that my work directly contributes to building something tangible - something that didn't exist before - is incredibly satisfying. It's this 'magic' of creating that ignited my love for programming.

Another aspect of software development that particularly appeals to me is the impact it can have on both users and developers. We live in a time where technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. As a developer, I have the power to not only improve users' lives by building intuitive and useful applications but also to optimize my own work experience. Encounter a feature that doesn't work conveniently or could be improved? Then I have the freedom and the skill to adjust it. This continuous process of learning, adapting, and improving is what makes work in software development so dynamic and rewarding.

Software development is also special because of the duality of its nature. On one hand, we work with invisible forces - codes and algorithms that live in the digital ether. On the other hand, our creations have the power to influence and control physical objects, making our digital efforts remarkably tangible. This interplay between the virtual and the physical fascinates me; it's like building bridges between two worlds, where every line of code contributes to this connection.

Finally, perhaps a somewhat peculiar trait of mine, there's a deep satisfaction I find in the precision and quality of code. This is something I learned during my Computer Science studies at TU Delft, particularly in the course "software quality and testing". The realization that every line of code must be tested and perfect has fundamentally changed my approach to software development. It's the pursuit of perfection, knowing that 'if it's right, it works', that provides deep satisfaction. Moreover, collaboration with various disciplines such as iOS and Android app development, web development, and design enriches the entire process. By joining forces, we are able to build complex systems that go beyond what we could achieve individually.

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