The Lorre app is live

The Lorre app is live - The app for students disco Lorre is live!

29th August 2023

We were able to create a great app for Delft student disco Lorre and it is now live! From now on, all visitors of Lorre can buy a ticket via this app and have their personal ticket scanned at the entrance. Until now, they did use an app, but it was in need of replacement. The new app had to ensure that visitors could easily buy a ticket for an evening or a whole year. In addition, it had to be possible for an admin to open and close Lorre and scan these tickets to check visitors in

In December 2022, Lorre came to 9to5 asking if we would create an app for them. With some nostalgic feelings about Lorre in mind, we were only too happy to work together to make this a reality. Our founders, Tom and Susan, spent the necessary hours here in their student days, and we as 9to5 software still have a good relationship with the Delft students. Several of our part-time staff are currently studying here, in addition to a number of alumni who are employed full-time.

A new workflow was used during the design process. For instance, a low fidelity design was created first, after which the high fidelity design did justice to the detailed design. In a low fidelity design, an alignment of the concept is made at a glance. The designs remain simple and focus mainly on what should be shown, following how. After this, the high fidelity design turned the alignment into a beautiful and practical design, which our developers were able to convert into the final app.

The Lorre app is live in the App Store and in Google Play. Don't forget to download it before your next visit.

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