Jeu de Boules team event

Jeu de Boules team event - A look into our old fashioned team event!

26 april 2023

The atmosphere in the office is always good, but what could be more fun than getting away from the screen and enjoying a team outing. So it was time again for a 9to5 team outing and this time it was Jeu de Boules.

In the afternoon, much of the team gathered in the office and some tasks for the day were completed. Everyone's fanaticism was then put to the test with a game of 'Throw Throw Burrito'. Should you be familiar with the game, you can imagine the chaos. Should you not be familiar, give it a try, but hide all the breakables. While enjoying snacks and drinks, the first round was analyzed and tactics were discussed for the second round. The game was finally decided in a series of duels, because, of course, only one can be the winner.

After this, we walked together to Mooie Boules Delft to compete against each other in pots of Jeu de Boules. The fanaticism built up at the office was still there and there was hard competition between the teams. All different departments, backend, iOS, Android and web were represented, and of course integration of these teams could not be left behind.

After all the energy was consumed in the games, the evening continued with dinner at Moeke's. While enjoying delicious food, the afternoon was reviewed for a while and the conviviality certainly knew no time. The conversations ranged from home situations to the theory of relativity, you name it. Special thanks of course to our party committee, on to the next outing!

Would you like to be part of our fun team outings? Take a look at our vacancies and who knows, maybe you can be there next time!

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