Introducing Sam and Tim

Introducing Sam and Tim - New employees Sam and Tim at 9to5

Februari 9th, 2024

Our team continues to grow at 9to5! We are pleased to announce that we have hired two new employees, Sam and Tim. In this blog post, we'll share more about these two new additions to our team.

Let's start with Sam. Sam has been working here as a working student for several months now. He works two to three days a week alongside his Master's in Computer Science at 9to5 as a backend developer. When Sam started, it was uncertain whether he would take on a position in frontend or backend development. After trying both, he has now found his place in the backend at 9to5. Under the guidance of backend developers Tom and Floris, Sam is learning a lot about the field, gaining valuable experience, and making a significant contribution to the team.

There's much more to tell about Sam. He has a great passion for football. After a brief injury, Sam is back on the football field every Saturday and trains once a week. He does this through the student sports association ARISTON, located at the TU Delft sports complex. This is his 6th season with the association, and he has spent a lot of time there; he has also enjoyed being a committee member. Sam will be busy completing his studies for another year and a half and hopes to continue playing football with his teammates during this time. In addition to football, Sam is a big fan of AJAX and enjoys attending matches, but he won't turn down a European game either. Besides football, there is also room for tennis, skiing, or running when needed. And when he's not actively participating in sports, he likes to watch hockey matches of his girlfriend or other sports on TV. What does Sam do when he can't watch any more sports? Then he enjoys watching cabaret or has a quiet evening on the couch with Netflix.

We also had need for a frontend developer. We have found Tim! Our frontend team now consists of Tim and Tim, as we already had a Tim employed in the frontend position. So, who are we adding to the team now?

Tim graduated as an Industrial Designer from TU Delft. Afterwards, he primarily worked with startups as a creative designer. He stumbled upon software design through a project at work, where he created a web scraper to analyze product sales and gain insights. This experience showed him the value of cleverly using software, and now he is on a mission to create smart web solutions. This creative approach to software is something we will see a lot from him at 9to5. Furthermore, Tim is a social person, loves games and team sports like football, but can also be found alone on a snowboard or surfboard. He spends a lot of time outdoors, and in addition to all this, he enjoys attending parties as a guest or hobby DJ! Music is a passion for Tim, and he dedicates time to it once a week as well.

Tim aims to create web solutions focused on the end user. With his background as an Industrial Designer and his career path, he brings a creative perspective to software development. At 9to5, he will seamlessly integrate software with designs to deliver user-friendly software to our clients.

Do you want to learn more about the backend at 9to5 and the methods we use? Check it out here. And if you're interested in the frontend at 9to5 and the methods we use, take a look here. We are looking forward to this new team composition, and as always, it marks another step in the development of our company.

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