Innoverte - The new platform that simplifies and enhances the quoting process.

July 4th, 2024

Creating quotes is an essential part of any business, but it's often a time-consuming and complex task for many. Managing different documents, price quotes, and customer data often unintentionally brings a lot of work with quotes. At 9to5 software, we understand these challenges all too well. That's why we proudly introduce Innoverte, a quote system that significantly simplifies these processes.

What is Innoverte?

Innoverte is a digital quoting platform specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses that regularly need to create quotes. This includes businesses in sectors such as construction, IT or software, and events. The platform offers an efficient, fast, and professional solution for creating and managing quotes through a template-based system. With this system, businesses can effortlessly and accurately create quotes in just a few clicks, resulting in time savings and minimizing errors.

Fully customizable to your brand

With Innoverte, you can fully personalize quotes by creating stylish templates that perfectly match your brand. These templates include custom fonts, colors, and your company logo, making your quotes look professional and consistent with your corporate identity. Additionally, you can customize quotes to better meet the individual requirements of your clients. These customization options give your quotes a unique and professional look, leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Templates and reusable components

Innoverte simplifies and optimizes the quoting process with customizable templates and reusable components. Once you've entered all business details and established a suitable quote structure, the platform can automatically reuse this data to generate new quotes in the future. This eliminates the need for businesses to repeatedly enter the same information and allows you to create multiple quotes in a short amount of time. Moreover, this contributes to delivering consistent and professional quotes that clients will appreciate.

Real-time adjustments and digital approvals

With Innoverte, you always maintain an overview of the status of your quotes. You can make adjustments to your quotes at any time and receive digital signatures from clients. This ensures that you know exactly where your quotes are in the approval process, resulting in faster and more efficient handling.

Smart integrations for efficient workflow

Innoverte seamlessly integrates with convenient tools such as Harvest, Slack, and Zapier, with more integrations in development. These integrations make your workflow much more efficient by centralizing all essential information in one place, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. You focus on your important tasks, and Innoverte takes care of the rest.

Coming soon: Comprehensive analytics for smarter quotes

With Innoverte, you will soon also gain detailed insights into your quote data. For example, you will be able to see how much time clients spend viewing your quotes and how often they are viewed. Innoverte will also analyze the accuracy and competitiveness of your quotes by checking them for structure and grammatical errors and comparing them with competitive quotes. With these insights into clients and quote suggestions, Innoverte will help you to optimize your quotes for maximum impact and success.

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