Girl power in tech: inspirerende verhalen van vrouwelijke tech leiders

Girl power in tech: inspirerende verhalen van vrouwelijke tech leiders - Girl power in tech

March 8th, 2024

Women play a crucial role in the tech industry, both in the past and present. On International Women's Day, we want to spotlight these role models and share their inspiring stories. Let's start by highlighting some famous women in tech history, such as Ada Lovelace, recognized as the first programmer in history.

But it's not just about the past—we also want to showcase current women in tech, like Susan Pesman, the female CEO of our company. With a master's degree in Technical Physics from TU Delft and entrepreneurial skills, she founded her own company and is now a successful iOS and Android developer. Susan covers various roles within the company, from HR and recruitment to marketing, iOS and Android development, web, QA, and sales. She is not only a professional in her field but also a dedicated wife and mother of two young girls.

These inspiring stories highlight the importance of more women in the tech industry, emphasizing the skills and organizational abilities in which they excel. We invite you to read on and discover the powerful world of female tech leaders.

Girl power in technology: Inspiring stories

International Women's Day: Women in technology

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate International Women's Day—a day to acknowledge the achievements of women worldwide. In the tech industry, women are often underrepresented, making it essential to highlight success stories of women in technology on this day. By recognizing women's contributions in this sector, we inspire a new generation of girls to pursue their dreams in technology.

Famous women in technology history

The history of technology boasts strong women who paved the way for future generations. Ada Lovelace was a pioneer as the first programmer, laying the foundation for modern computers. Hedy Lamarr, an actress and inventor, developed frequency-hopping technology still used in wireless communication. Grace Hopper, a computer scientist and naval officer, played a crucial role in developing one of the first programming languages, COBOL. These women are just a few examples of those who contributed to shaping the technology we know today. By acknowledging these women in tech history, we not only highlight their achievements but also the role women have always played in shaping our technological world.

Showcasing contemporary women in technology

Alongside historical figures, numerous contemporary women shape the tech industry. Think of Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, who initiated a movement for women in leadership roles with her book 'Lean In.' Or Ginni Rometty, the former CEO of IBM, who led the company through a significant transformation. In the Netherlands, we have Neelie Kroes, who, as a Euro Commissioner, defined the digital agenda in Europe. These examples demonstrate that women not only participate in the tech world but also occupy leadership positions and make significant decisions. By highlighting contemporary female tech leaders, we reinforce the idea that women have an equally powerful and innovative impact on technology as their male counterparts.

Our female CEO: Susan Pesman

From science nerd to entrepreneur

Susan Pesman, our CEO, underwent a transition from a science enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur. With a solid background in Technical Physics at TU Delft, Susan had the technical expertise to solve complex problems. Her passion for technology and her vision to create innovative software solutions led to the founding of 9to5 software. Susan's journey illustrates that with the right skills and determination, a career in technology doesn't have to be confined to traditional roles. Her story serves as inspiration for future women tech entrepreneurs and emphasizes the importance of versatility and perseverance in the dynamic world of technology.

A glimpse into her role as CEO

As CEO, Susan Pesman has a wide range of responsibilities beyond technical work. She is the driving force behind the company's strategic direction, ensuring all teams collaborate towards a common goal. Susan is involved in software solution development, marketing leadership, customer relationship management, and business development. Her ability to translate a vision into realistic goals and achieve them through effective leadership makes her an inspiring example for other women in tech. Her role as CEO proves that female leaders can not only reach the top but are also essential for innovation and progress in the technology industry.

Balancing work, family, and hobbies

Susan Pesman demonstrates how it's possible to combine a leadership role in the tech industry with family life. She balances her role as CEO with being a mother and wife. This requires excellent organizational skills and the art of setting priorities. Susan emphasizes the importance of time management and setting boundaries to be successful both at work and at home. She is a role model for women grappling with whether they can combine a career in technology with other significant aspects of life. Her ability to achieve this challenging balance inspires other women to pursue their ambitions without compromising personal well-being or family life.

Call for More Female Developers

The need for women in technology

The tech industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for diverse talent is increasing. Women bring essential perspectives and skills to technology, resulting in more innovation and creative solutions. A diverse team can better respond to the needs of a broad customer base, improving the quality of products and services. The presence of women in tech also promotes an inclusive culture crucial for attracting and retaining talent. Additionally, it's vital for young girls to have role models to look up to, continuing the empowerment cycle and contributing to the growth of the next generation of female tech leaders. The need for women in technology is evident; it's time to recognize this reality and take action.

Women and their organizational skills in tech

Women are often praised for their strong organizational skills, a quality particularly valuable in the technological sector. Project management, multitasking, and team coordination are just a few examples where these skills play a crucial role. Women in tech roles can streamline projects, increase efficiency, and improve communication within teams. Their attention to detail and ability to maintain an overview help avoid mistakes and optimize work processes. It's important to recognize and harness these skills of women in tech environments to unlock teams' full potential. Moreover, these competencies can lead to more balanced and dynamic workplaces, contributing to a healthier and more productive industry.

Call to Action

It's time for a change. We call on companies to take action and hire and support more women in tech. This begins with creating a culture that values and promotes diversity. Invest in training and mentorship programs that give women the skills and confidence to excel in technical roles. Encourage female employees to participate in decision-making and leadership positions. Provide flexible working hours and supportive resources to enable a balanced work and personal life. The tech industry has the potential to be a trailblazer in equality and inclusivity. Let's seize this opportunity together and build a future where women in tech are the norm, not the exception. Join this movement now.

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