Centralisation of text in software

Centralisation of text in software - This is how we centralise text for client, copywriter, designer and developer

20 april 2023

To help our different teams work together as well as possible, we use different tools. Recently, we started using a plugin that ensures that all text blocks are translated not only in the code of apps, but also in the design. This plugin was developed in-house by us and is already being used successfully right away.

For our designs, we use Figma. This tool allows our designer to create professional designs and collaborate in real-time. As a result, comments can be posted by several people and desired adjustments can be processed directly and easily. In addition, it is possible in Figma to see a prototype of the screens, so you can already get an idea of what the screens will look like in the app.

In addition, we use Accent. This is an open-source translation management platform that we use to manage and host our translations of texts on our own server. From this system, our developers extract the translations in the form of 'keys' and the corresponding text values. These keys are then used in the code to display the correct translation based on the settings of the user's device. For "keys", we use a clear naming convention so that it is clear to every stakeholder where this text is used, e.g.: signup_inputfield_email. This allows designer, copywriter and developer to know exactly where this will or should be used, for design in Figma, for adding translations or for use in code.

Recently, we have also established a link between Figma and Accent via a plugin. Through this plugin, the designer is in the lead. Via Figma, a text component is added that supports different keys using different variants. The designer adds these keys and texts and uses this in his design. He can then synchronize these keys with our plugin to Accent. This way, all text elements remain universal in all development tools we use and copywriting is also possible for stakeholders without any technical knowledge. We are now already using this plugin for our latest projects.

We are extremely proud that we have been able to realize this plugin and will be using it a lot in the future. Everything for the best user experience and quality. Want to know more about this solution? Contact us at info@9to5.software.

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