Fietskluizen becomes ParkMyBike

Fietskluizen becomes ParkMyBike - We are going international and have many changes coming up

January 26, 2024

Our Fietskluizen application is transforming into ParkMyBike; we're going international!

Welcome to the future of bike safety and sustainability! As many of you may already know, our Fietskluizen app is evolving into ParkMyBike. This app symbolizes a green revolution in the world of bike storage solutions. In the battle against CO2 emissions, ParkMyBike offers an innovative and environmentally friendly way to securely park your bike. The system behind the app not only takes a step forward in promoting eco-friendly mobility but also protects your beloved two-wheeler.

The transition from Fietskluizen to ParkMyBike comes with enhancements. We are rewriting the app code to offer more reliable software. Additionally, there will be visual improvements in the app, including a new visual style.

We are proud to announce that our Fietskluizen app will now continue as ParkMyBike and, as the name implies, is going international. This expansion is a significant step in our mission to make safe, reliable, and innovative bike storage solutions accessible worldwide. With this move, we are committed to improving mobility and reducing the CO2 footprint step by step on a global level.

ParkMyBike is eager for potential new collaborations. Currently, we see opportunities in countries such as Belgium and the United Kingdom. These markets are ripe for innovation in 'last mile' mobility and smart city solutions. While we have already made our mark in the Netherlands and plan to continue growing here, we also look forward to more collaborations worldwide. First, we want to prove ourselves for the first time outside of the Netherlands; more on this in future!

New features of ParkMyBike - Advanced storage and locks

  1. Support for storage units: ParkMyBike now introduces support for multiple bike storage units. This means that several bikes can be securely stored with just one lock significantly increasing space efficiency.
  2. Support for new locks: ParkMyBike now also supports Bluetooth locks.This cutting-edge technology has the advantage of not requiring an external power source and fitting into standard European cylinder locks, such as EVVA AirKey systems. This makes the installation and use of our bike lockers even more accessible and convenient.
  3. New hardware developments: In collaboration with the technical company Kotamech we have developed new hardware that can control up to 8 lockers with a single device. This innovation utilizes LTE and 2G/3G networks making our solutions even more flexible and scalable for future expansions.

This initial release is just the beginning: over the coming years, we aim to further expand ParkMyBike through collaborations with hardware providers and more partnerships with governments and businesses. By embracing innovations such as Bluetooth locks, support for multiple storage units, and IoT integrations, we contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint and promoting eco-friendly mobility. ParkMyBike is more than just a mobile app for bike lockers; it is an integral part of a smart, sustainable future.

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