Do you organize online events?

Do you organize online events? - Organizing online events with a meeting tool that isn't actually suited for your needs? There should be a better way right? We think there is!

8 January 2021

With the emergence of the corona virus crisis the physical workspace has shifted to a digital workspace. Different meeting tools are being used for different kinds of meetings even though these tools might not be suited for the job. This can lead to a somewhat awkward and difficult experience. There should be a better way right? We think there is!

We designed a new way to meet up online. No more complicated 3d-islands or boring video meetings, but a new online experience.

Are you organizing an online event? Speed dates, drinks or even a networking event? Email for a chance to test if Sammen is right for your event. Do you want to know more? Find Sammen on Instagram and Twitter via @sammen_events.

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