DemoDo at 9to5

DemoDo at 9to5 - Showing our projects at the DemoDo

14th July 2022

We always end the Thursdays with our "DemoDo"; demo Thursday. We have introduced this since the beginning of 2022 and we like it a lot. On Thursdays at 4:30pm we stop working, have a drink and show each other what cool things we have been working on lately.

At 9to5 we work on many different projects and the DemoDo keeps everyone up to date with each project. Also, the end of Thursday is a nice moment of team bonding. With a nice atmosphere and a drink we chat about our projects. It is especially nice to show each other what you have worked on or something small that you are just very proud of or happy with.

The things we show each other during the DemoDo are very diverse. From nice designs for our apps and from solved problems to cleverly created code for an ongoing project. Last week Tom showed off his new tool Grafana. Grafana is an open-source observation platform for visualizing data, logs and tracings collected from applications. Tom was very enthusiastic about this and of course that lights us up as a team. So another reason for introducing the DemoDo was to keep each other motivated. Because we end the Thursdays with a short digital show with cool and beautiful work that we have done in the past week, we keep inspiring and motivating each other to work hard!

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