Android update by 9to5

Android update by 9to5 - Instant app for Android, a mini application that provides a preview of the full app

April 12th, 2024

At 9to5 software, we're always focused on improvement and like to stay ahead of technological matters. Our Android department also plays a role in this.

That's why we explore the diversity in our users' preferences, with many having the choice between using our website and our mobile app. Both platforms offer unique benefits that suit different usage scenarios. As of now, there exists the 'Instant app' for Android, which is a mini application that is downloaded when someone clicks on a link. It looks like the application without the need to actually download it. This increases the number of downloads because users get a small preview of the app's convenience. But how does this work exactly?

Website, application, or instant app?

Users can choose to use the website. This provides direct accessibility, offering effortless access to all our features without the need to download an application. It works instantly. There is also a consistent experience, no matter which device you're on: the functionality remains the same for every user.

The application also has its benefits. There is offline access, which is convenient for on-the-go usage. This ensures the preservation of functionality and user-friendliness. Additionally, native functionalities are present in the application, such as location services or the camera function. These together ensure optimal use of an application.

Then there's the bridge, the instant app. This is a compromise for the user. Suppose you receive an email from a news channel, with a catchy title... You want to read more. For this reason, you click on an active link 'Read more here,' and you're redirected to something that looks like the application of this news channel. However, this is an impression of the application; with minimal data, an instant app is downloaded, giving you a user-friendly page with all the application's features. You read the article you were curious about and see at the bottom 'Download our application.' Many users do this because they have tasted the possibilities and functionalities of the application.

The Instant app is a new software development that we are introducing, keeping us at 9to5 software always progressive in our work. Check out our website to see what we do at 9to5 software! Try one of our apps today and experience the difference!

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