A healthy workplace

A healthy workplace - How 9to5 contributes to a healthy workplace.

16 June 2022

We at 9to5 are still very proud and happy with our modern, innovative and sustainable office building. But we also value our workplace and how we can continue to work most productively throughout the day to bring out the best in ourselves.

The desks in our office allow us to alternate between sitting and standing work. Working in a seated or standing position for too long can cause problems and physical ailments. Therefore, it can't hurt to reduce the number of hours a day we spend sitting. With our sit/stand desks, we give everyone the opportunity to choose what they need at that moment. In any case, actively using these desks ensures that our sitting time is reduced. After lunch we have the standard standing hour; we put on some music and transform our sitting-working area into a standing-working area. It takes a while to get used to working standing up, but by now more and more employees are enthusiastically joining in and some even stay standing a bit longer.

In addition to our beautiful desks, we find exercise during the working day very important. Every day around 3 o'clock we go for a walk with those who want to. Walking is not only good for the physical, but also for the mental health. We chat and relax a bit and then finish our working day as productively as possible!

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