9to5 software's pride: NL-Alarm

9to5 software's pride: NL-Alarm - NL-Alarm!

March 15th 2024

The story of NL-Alarm, developed by 9to5 software, began as a bold idea in 2014. The app's primary objective is to display and warn about NL-Alerts, crucial messages from the Dutch government in emergency situations. The NL-Alerts are intended to completely replace the air raid sirens by 2025. This new development makes the NL-Alarm application more important than ever.

However, during the initial phase of the project, 9to5 software encountered obstacles. The government was hesitant to make the necessary data open source. After discovering that the data had been provided to another company, we reached out again and obtained the information. This obstacle was overcome, allowing our developers to quickly proceed with their work. And they did…

Technical evolution

The obtained data allowed the development team to rapidly create the design, backend, and both the iOS and Android versions of the app within just two weeks. NL-Alarm's notable feature is its privacy-focused approach, ensuring that location data never leaves the user's phone. When an NL-Alert is received, the app compares the set and current locations with information in the warning, then sends users a notification without storing their location data elsewhere.

The NL-Alarm app utilizes critical notifications from Apple, allowing it to send prominent alerts even when the phone is set to silent mode. This functionality enhances the speed at which users receive essential information.

Expansion to thousands of Dutch citizens

Currently, NL-Alarm keeps thousands of Dutch citizens informed about NL-Alerts. The app has proven to be a reliable and effective way to communicate essential information in emergency situations. Its success demonstrates the potential for technology and public services to work hand in hand. You can find a dedicated page about NL-Alarm on our website, view it here.

A glimpse of the future

As an example of further possibilities, 9to5 Software presents the concept of ES-Alert. This is a Spanish national app aimed at reaching 47 million inhabitants. Although ES-Alert is not yet live due to privacy policy issues, it serves as a promising example of how such technologies can be applied internationally. Internally, we are looking forward to the moment when we can launch this for Spain and hope that more countries will follow suit.

To stay informed about NL-Alerts and promote a safer environment, install NL-Alarm now using the following link: NL-Alarm. Together, we can contribute to a safer and more informed society.

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