24baby testimonial

24baby testimonial - A healthy collaboration between 9to5 software and 24baby

may 1st, 2024

For 5 years now, we, 9to5 software, have been working together with 24baby. This collaboration has yielded great results, with us providing the application for 24baby with neat features such as a baby name and birth announcements finder. In 2022, the 24baby application won the 'Best App of the Year' award, which is a great recognition of our work. Additionally, the application receives a large number of visitors per day, just like the website version! Besides the technological aspect of this wonderful collaboration, we have also built a relationship with our client. From 24baby, we mostly interact with Roos and Koen, where Koen takes care of all technical aspects within 24baby, while Roos handles the product management.

To highlight this collaboration, we had a conversation with Roos and Koen asking for some details about our partnership over the past years. Read all about it below!

Problem-solving at 9to5 software

One of the most impressive aspects of the collaboration, according to Koen, is the effortless way technical issues are resolved. According to Koen, there are many specific problems, but what he finds most impressive and beautiful is that it usually works super smoothly, even when there are a huge number of people using the app simultaneously and tens of millions of messages are sent daily. "It all runs very smoothly," says Koen from 24baby.

The technical implementation by 9to5 software has helped 24baby operate reliably and efficiently, even under the pressure of a growing user base and increasing traffic.

Engaged, personal yet professional

For Koen, 9to5 software has become synonymous with technological advancement. "9to5 software is a striking example of technological progress," he states. "It's an extremely enjoyable collaboration where we meet every two weeks. I can't imagine there's another company that shows more engagement. It almost feels like we're colleagues rather than two separate companies collaborating."

The close collaboration between 24baby and 9to5 software has led to a constant flow of innovative ideas and solutions. With frequent meetings and a team always ready to brainstorm, 9to5 software has helped shape the future of 24baby.

For Koen and Roos, the collaboration with 9to5 software is synonymous with quality, reliability, and positive energy. Koen especially appreciates the team's professional and proactive approach: "What I like most is that we come here and I always look forward to coming here, to build together!"

Roos emphasizes the accessible and supportive nature of the 9to5 team: "Approachable, easy to reach, willing to think along."


For Koen, the possibilities for new collaborations between 24baby and 9to5 software are endless. "Well, we can expand so much more!" he says enthusiastically. "Many new possibilities for new tools in the app". Susan, CEO of 9to5 software, also actively comes up with new ideas; this greatly helps in the development of the collaboration.

The future looks bright for 24baby and 9to5 software, with a continuous commitment to innovation, quality, and collaboration.

This beautiful conversation between 9to5 software and Koen and Roos from 24baby illustrates the power of a collaboration based on trust, engagement, and a shared vision of progress. For 24baby, 9to5 software is not just a technology partner but an essential part of their success story. With a focus on quality, innovation, and future orientation, these two companies continue to achieve new milestones together in the world of parenting and technology. Are you curious about all the functionalities from 24baby? Check it out here!

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