Request insightful data from slot machines

ReelScan gives casino owners and managers insight into how a slot machine or game is performing against other games and machines. This allows them to make better choices when making new investments.
ReelScan is an app to view and analyze usage data of slot machines and casino games.

Client and context

ReelMetrics BV is a company that specializes in providing insight into casino data. By calculating the average use of slot machines and the installed games, managers and owners can gain insight into where to invest to make the casino more profitable.
9to5 has designed and developed ReelScan for this purpose. The system is mainly used during shows in which new games and slot machines are introduced. A QR code is put on a machine and a user can scan it with the app to view the associated data.
ReelScanRequest insightful data from slot machines


Scan the code on a slot machine
During shows of slot machines and casino games stickers with QR-codes are put on these games. A user can scan these stickers and get an insight into the statistics of that slot machine and the game on it.
Scan the code on a slot machine
Comparable game statistics
Compare the statistics of your games against those of other machine. Data is shown in clear graphs and condensed to useful values.
Comparable game statistics
Save games and machines to keep track of
There's a personal list for every user in the app. This can be used to save the games you want to keep an eye on. These can be your own games, but also those of your competitors.
Save games and machines to keep track of
Stay up to date through notifications
The app also contains support for push-notifications. When a interesting and relevant change occurs within data you'll receive a notification. You'll also receive notifications about relevant news articles.
Stay up to date through notifications

What has been developed?

iOS & Android app
Graphs and QR codes

ReelScan is an app that displays a lot of data. To display this data in an insightful way, different types of graphs are used. Next to this overviews of slot machines and other games are displayed. These overviews can be searched, filtered and sorted to keep them structured and clear.

A QR code scanner is built into the app to scan a slot machine and display its statistics. Users can easily open this scanner through a tab at the bottom of the app.

Simple, goal oriented UI

With the design of ReelScan we focussed on a user interface that supports the goals of the user as best as possible. We chose to use 'bottom navigation' to make the relationship between the primary pages clear. Each page plays an important role in displaying information about the performance of games and cabinets. A library of games can be accessed to search for games and slot machines in the database. A QR code scanner provides access to data of specific machines. When a machine has been scanned a user can see this machine through the 'my lists' page.

When creating this app, RealScan's corporate identity was considered in the design. This can be seen in the colors and fonts of the app.

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