AI driven voting advice with Kieswaizer

Kieswaizer is an AI-driven tool that offers personalised voting advice based on your unique answers. Simple, intuitive and tailored to your political preferences.
Kieswaizer  is an AI-driven voter guide that delivers personalised voting advice based on your own answers.

Client and context

Discover Kieswaizer, our innovative AI-powered tool that helps you find the political party that best matches your personal beliefs. By answering intuitive, open-ended questions, Kieswaizer generates a tailored voting recommendation, making political orientation more accessible and personal.
Kieswaizer is more than a voter guide; it is a smart companion in the political landscape. This tool is designed to simplify the complexity of political choices by accurately analysing what you think is important. Try Kieswaizer and experience how advanced AI translates your opinion into clear and relevant voting advice.
KieswaizerAI driven voting advice with Kieswaizer


Chat and explore with Kieswaizer
Kieswaizer's innovative chat feature makes it easy and interactive to explore your political preferences. By simply engaging in conversation, our AI analyses your answers and offers personalised and accurate voting advice, making making making an informed choice both engaging and easy.
Chat and explore with Kieswaizer
AI-driven matchmaking
Behind the scenes of Kieswaizer, our powerful AI works tirelessly to find your perfect political match. Advanced algorithms carefully analyse your answers, resulting in a reliable and tailored recommendation that reflects your political preferences, making making an informed voting choice easier than ever.
AI-driven matchmaking
Top 3 results
Kieswaizer distinguishes itself by not just offering a single match, but by presenting a top 3 of political parties that best match your answers. This approach offers a broader perspective and helps you make a balanced and informed choice, in line with your personal beliefs and priorities.
Top 3 results
Share your Kieswaizer experience
Kieswaizer makes it easy to share your political discovery journey with friends and family. With our easy-to-use sharing feature, you can share your results and experiences with a simple click. This allows you to discuss, compare and explore together which parties best suit you and your loved ones, making political engagement a shared and enriching experience.
Share your Kieswaizer experience

What has been developed?

API development
Innovation in API development

The work with AI (artificial intelligence) takes place in the backend. This is where the system communicates with OpenAI's API. Using a websocket, we set up the chat and thus made communication real-time.

Web development
Frontend for Kieswaizer: A user-friendly experience

When developing Kieswaizer, we paid close attention to the website, putting ease of use and accessibility first. Our design offers an intuitive and responsive user interface, which transforms the complexity of AI technology into a simple, pleasant user experience. This approach ensures that any user, regardless of technical skill, can easily navigate and take full advantage of our experimental voting assistance.

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