An online community for future parents.

9to5 has developed an online community for users of the 24Baby platform. Here (future) parents come together to talk about everything pregnancy related.
24Baby24Baby is a community app for the 24Baby platform. A place for future parents to meet up.

Client and context

With over 1 million users per month, is the largest pregnancy and baby platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. 24baby wants to be there for all (future) parents. The platform want to help provide reliable information in order to contribute to healthy pregnancies, happy babies and confident parents.
Becoming a parent is one of the most life changing journeys a person can take. It is a period with many uncertainties and questions. That is why 24baby was asked to develop an online community where (future) parents can talk to each other about these uncertainties and questions. Of course the community is also the place to discuss all the fun things about becoming a parent!
24BabyAn online community for future parents.


Create topics and comments
It's possible to get into contact with other users through the forum in the 24baby app. Users can create topics with their question or comments. Then other users can react to this topic.
Create topics and comments
Birth clubs
Users can indicate the due date of their baby when creating a profile. They are then able to join a birth club based on this due date. Users in a birth club will often face the same challenges at roughly the same time due to the fact that they have a similar due date. This allows them to discuss these challenges or questions together.
Birth clubs
Insight into your pregnancy
The app adds value by playing into the needs of the user at different times during their pregnancy. A feature like the pregnancy calendar shows the development of the baby.
Insight into your pregnancy
A limitless community
Everything that happens within the community is synced across all platforms. Web, iOS and Android each have an app in which topics can be read. This means that the community is limitless and accessible to everyone.
A limitless community

What has been developed?

Android development
Android app

An Android app has been developed for Android users. This app uses Material design, providing the user with a recognizable interface. The app also uses "bottom navigation", a feature only recently supported in Android.

The app was developed in Kotlin.

iOS development
iOS app

An iOS app has been developed for iPhone users. This app uses Material design, providing the user with a recognizable interface. The app also uses "bottom navigation", a feature only recently supported in iOS.

The app was developed in Swift.

Web development
Web forum

We've also created a online forum to accommodate users surfing the world wide web. This forum is accessible for anyone visiting the 24baby website. However, when someone wants to create a topic or leave a comment, they have to be logged in.

Next to this forum an admin panel has been created. With this panel administrators can moderate users and content posted to the forum. When a user or topic has been flagged, they can be blocked and the topic can be closed. This prevents abuse of the forum.

API development

To facilitate communication between clients and the data stored in the database we've developed a backend. The use of the query language GraphQL allows faster and easier development by both app developers and web developers.

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