An online medical learning management system.

This Learning Management System (LMS), developed for an educational consortium including CHDR and LUMC, is a flexible and intuitive e-learning platform. It allows teachers to easily create and manage courses, with the ability to add different media, such as videos and quizzes. Students can log in, take courses and track their progress. Administrators have full control over the system, including course creation, assigning teachers, and managing user access.
MEDDIC  is an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) designed for efficient online course creation, delivery, and management, tailored to medical educators and institutions.

Client and context

The Learning Management System (LMS) we developed is specifically tailored to meet the needs of trainees who want to learn about drug testing. This platform provides a rich learning environment in which instructors can create specialised courses on the complex processes of drug testing. Instructors have the ability to structure their courses into logically structured chapters and pages, providing step-by-step, in-depth insights into various aspects of pharmaceutical testing. By integrating various media such as informative videos, detailed documents, interactive quizzes and case studies, the learning process is not only enriched but also tailored to different learning styles. This flexibility in content delivery allows complex topics such as clinical trials, regulations and ethical considerations in drug testing to be presented in an accessible and understandable way.
For students, the LMS provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing them to easily access course materials and track their own progress. Students can register for the relevant courses and start learning immediately. The platform allows them to progress through the course material at their own pace, with the flexibility to return to previous topics for revision. In addition, the system provides progress reports, giving both students and teachers insight into learning performance. For administrators of the LMS, there is the ability to monitor the effectiveness of courses and adjust where necessary, ensuring a continuously improving learning experience. All this contributes to an effective and interactive way of learning about drug testing, essential for future and current professionals in the pharmaceutical sector.
MEDDICAn online medical learning management system.


Effortless management of multiple courses
Designed with versatility in mind, the system supports multiple courses within its platform. This functionality allows it to host a diverse range of courses, ranging from basic principles of drug testing to more advanced topics in pharmaceutical science. Both teachers and students benefit from an organised and interactive learning environment where knowledge and skills can be developed and expanded in different areas, contributing to a comprehensive and enriching educational offering.
Effortless management of multiple courses
Diverse content types on course pages
It features several customisable blocks to enrich course pages. This includes interactive quizzes for knowledge assessment, polls for active engagement, and graphics to visualise complex concepts. There are also options for integrating videos and audio clips, contributing to an engaging and dynamic learning experience. These versatile content options ensure that each course can be adapted to students' specific learning needs and preferences.
Diverse content types on course pages
Organize courses effectively with chapters
The system we have developed allows courses to be divided into multiple chapters, creating a logical and structured learning structure. This layout enables comprehensive topics to be presented clearly, simplifying learning for students. It allows teachers to classify material efficiently and students can easily track their progress, contributing to an effective and streamlined learning experience.
Organize courses effectively with chapters
Empowering educators
Teachers can track each student's progress, enabling them to provide personalised guidance and feedback. This feature is useful for identifying areas where students may need extra help. In addition, the system allows teachers to assess the effectiveness of course content and make adjustments if necessary.
Empowering educators

What has been developed?

API development
Fast and secure backend

Our back-end work is the backbone of MEDDIC. We have carefully developed robust infrastructure, data management and security protocols to ensure fast performance and data protection.

Web development
A user-centric experience

We carefully designed the interface, ensured responsive design and integrated interactive elements, all aimed at increasing user engagement. Our front-end development work prioritises user satisfaction and ease of use, which resulted in the MEDDIC platform.

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