Lorre app: the key to Delft nightlife

The Lorre app provides streamlined access to the student nightclub in Delft, with user-friendly authentication via Google and Apple, and easy iDEAL payments for admission tickets. It allows administrators to manage access and provides users with real-time updates on nights out, with a focus on a safe and enjoyable nightlife experience.
Lorre  is an app for the student disco in Delft for access and visitor statistics.

Client and context

Discover the innovative Lorre app, your essential companion for an unforgettable night at the popular student disco Lorre in Delft. This app, available for both iOS and Android, takes your night out experience to the next level with its streamlined and user-friendly interface. With integrated Google and Apple authentication options, the Lorre app provides a secure and fast way to log in, eliminating the hassle of traditional email and password registration. Once logged in, the following options are supported: from simple iDEAL payments for admission tickets (day tickets and annual passes) to a built-in QR code scanner for quick access to the disco. Receive real-time push notifications on Lorre's opening status, number of attendees and whether it is open or closed. The Lorre app is a great combination of ease of use and advanced technology, making it a must-have for every student in Delft.
For Lorre's administrators, the app offers powerful features to make the evening run smoothly. The app allows them to manage access, scan QR codes and monitor attendance. These features are crucial for effectively managing access to this vibrant venue. Administrators can also set the open/close status of the nightclub and have access to valuable data analysis tools. This allows them to view user lists by date, analyse the total number of visitors and export or share this data. The Lorre app brings an innovative and smart solution to both users and administrators. All this contributes to a smooth, safe and enjoyable nightlife experience. Integrating Google and Apple authentication, the Lorre app ensures fast and secure access, while maximising user engagement and satisfaction.
LorreLorre app: the key to Delft nightlife


Buy tickets easily: quickly and safely
With just a few taps on your smartphone, this user-friendly app offers a fast, secure and effortless ticket-buying experience. Integrated with iDEAL, the Lorre app ensures that buying day or annual tickets to your favourite nightlife adventures is both seamless and reliable. For every student, this app is the gateway to unforgettable nights out in Delft.
Buy tickets easily: quickly and safely
Always connected with push notifications
Get instant notifications when student disco Lorre opens in Delft with push notifications. This essential feature ensures you are always the first to know when Lorre's doors open, so you won't miss a single moment of the vibrant nightlife. Ideal for the enthusiastic student who always wants to stay informed. The Lorre app brings the convenience of real-time information directly to your smartphone, keeping you always connected to your favourite nightlife spot.
Always connected with push notifications
Quick access thanks to QR codes
Experience the future of fast and efficient access to student disco Lorre in Delft with the QR code functionality of the Lorre app. This advanced feature makes your nights out hassle-free with a quick scan of the QR code, making long queues a thing of the past. Perfect for students who can appreciate smooth access to their favourite nightlife spot.
Quick access thanks to QR codes
Administrator insight into visitor information
For administrators of student disco Lorre in Delft, the Lorre app offers a crucial functionality: detailed visitor information. This feature allows administrators to monitor and manage attendance in real-time, which is essential for a safe and well-organised nightlife environment. This valuable tool for administrators enhances operational efficiency and contributes to smoother nightlife operations.
Administrator insight into visitor information

What has been developed?

Android development
Android app

The Android version of the Lorre app offers a seamless and interactive experience, specifically optimised for Android users. This app combines ease of use with advanced functionalities, allowing Android users to effortlessly access all features of the Lorre student disco.

API development
Real-time updates with websockets

The backend of the Lorre app uses web sockets for real-time connectivity. This ensures uninterrupted and fast data exchange, crucial for delivering up-to-date information and supporting the dynamic interactions within the app.

iOS development
iOS app

The iOS version of the Lorre app exemplifies design and functionality tailored to the Apple user. It offers an intuitive interface and integrated features that perfectly fit the iOS ecosystem, giving iPhone and iPad users a flawless and engaging entertainment experience.

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