Cost of app development: what can you expect?

The cost of developing an app can vary significantly and depends on a range of factors that influence the complexity and effort required.

Platform choice

A fundamental consideration is platform choice; development for iOS, Android, or both via a cross-platform solution each has unique cost implications. Cross-platform development can be cost-effective, but native apps may be required to provide the best possible performance and user experience, which can increase development costs.

Software architecture

In addition, the backend architecture plays a crucial role. A robust backend that provides data processing, user management, and security can be essential for app functionality, but increases the development effort and thus the cost. A Content Management System (CMS) for managing app content also adds complexity and cost, but may be necessary for apps that require regularly updated content.

App functionalities and integrations

The specific functionalities and features of the app are perhaps the most significant cost factors. Basic functionalities such as user registration, simple navigation, and basic communication features will cost less than advanced features such as real-time chat, complex data visualisation, or advanced user interactions. Integrations with external systems, APIs or hardware also increase development costs, given the added complexity and testing requirements.

Cost of app development

Given these variables, the cost of developing an app can vary widely, from around €15,000 for simple apps with limited functionality to as much as €150,000 or more for complex applications with extensive features, integrations and customised backend systems.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Adopting an MVP approach, where you start with the most essential features, can be a cost-effective strategy. This allows you to market the app and gather feedback from early users before investing in further development. This iterative process ensures that further investment in the app is focused on features that add real value for users and the company.

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