A complete guide to app development: insight into costs, processes and success factors


In our digital age, mobile applications are an essential link between companies and their customers. Are you considering having an app developed specifically for the Dutch market? This guide gives you a clear overview of what is involved in developing an app and highlights the crucial factors for success.

Why develop an app for your business?

Companies often choose app development because of its potential to significantly improve customer loyalty, increase sales and gain a strong competitive advantage. A well-designed app allows companies to create a direct communication channel with their customers, enabling personalisation of services and increasing customer loyalty. In addition, thanks to the ease and speed of mobile transactions, apps can generate new revenue streams through in-app purchases or subscriptions, directly contributing to sales growth. A unique, customised app can also differentiate a company from competitors, especially in markets where a mobile presence is not yet standard, offering a significant edge. However, there are more reasons why an app can be valuable for your business. Discover them all on our information page on app development.

Choosing the right app developer

When selecting the ideal app developer, experience and expertise, portfolio and case studies, and customer references and reviews are the three essential pillars. A developer's experience in your specific sector and their technical prowess guarantee that they can handle the complexity of your project. Their portfolio provides a concrete representation of their capabilities and the quality of their work, while customer references and online reviews provide insight into their reliability and the satisfaction of previous clients. Together, these factors form the basis for an informed choice, assuring you of a partner that is not only technically proficient, but also has a proven track record of delivering successful projects. For more in-depth information on choosing the right app developer, visit our information page.

Technology and platform choice

When developing an app, the choice of technology and platform is crucial and is closely linked to the project's goals and requirements. Native apps, developed specifically for iOS or Android, offer the best performance and user experience but require a higher investment. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, which can run on multiple platforms, offer more flexibility and cost efficiency, but may compromise on performance and functionality. The choice between these approaches is influenced by factors such as the intended audience, functionalities, budget and maintenance requirements. Careful consideration of these elements is essential to choose a technology base that supports app success.

Maybe you even need AI for your optimal solution. Read more about the possibilities of AI in software development.

Cost of app development explained

The cost of developing an app can vary widely, depending on multiple factors such as the platform chosen, the complexity of the app, and the technology integrations required. Elements such as design, functionalities, backend development and any links to external systems or hardware play a significant role in the final cost. These can range from around €15,000 for simple apps to as much as €150,000 or more for more complex projects. One strategy often used to control costs is to start with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), where you start with the essential features to get the product to market and then iteratively expand based on user feedback. For a detailed overview of what app development can cost and how these costs are built up, visit our costs page.

The app development process

An average app development process includes three crucial phases: the concept phase, where the idea and objectives are established; the design phase, focusing on the user experience and interface; and finally the development and launch phase, where the app is actually built and tested, followed by the rollout to app stores. Each phase requires an in-depth focus on user needs, clear communication and an iterative approach, where feedback is used to make improvements. This structured approach ensures that the final product is not only technically solid, but also matches end-user expectations and the company's goals. For more detailed information on each step in this process, read more here.

Success factors for your app

The key to a successful app lies not only in its functionalities, but also in providing an outstanding user experience, strong customer support and an effective marketing strategy. An intuitive design that matches user needs, combined with smooth, responsive interactions, forms the basis of a positive user experience. Effective customer support reinforces user trust and satisfaction, while a smart marketing strategy is essential to increase app visibility and reach. Moreover, collecting and analysing user feedback is crucial for continuous improvement and innovation. These factors combine to create an app that is not only functional, but also builds and maintains a loyal user base. For more in-depth information on what can make your app successful, check out our tips for a successful app.

App maintenance and further development

Maintaining and further developing an app is an essential part and is necessary to keep the app relevant, secure and functional. Regular maintenance ensures fixing bugs, updating security measures and improving performance. Ongoing development, based on user feedback and technological advances, allows apps to innovate and introduce new features that enrich the user experience. This process of continuous improvement and adaptation is crucial for retaining users and ensuring the long-term success of the app. For a detailed overview of the importance of maintenance and further development and how these processes contribute to the sustainability of an app, visit our maintenance and further development page.


Developing an app offers companies an opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty, boost sales and stand out from the competition. Crucial in this process is choosing an experienced developer, the right technology and a clear understanding of costs. The app development process, including design, build and launch, requires attention to detail and continuous optimisation. At 9to5 software B.V., we specialise in creating apps that fit your business goals and user needs. Find out how we can help with your app development project and contact contact us. Better code, brighter future!

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