iOS developer

At 9to5 we develop complete software systems consisting of native apps, websites and backends for customers and for ourselves. We have clients in all kinds of different industries, from brochures to pregnancy forums, from bike lockers to real estate agencies. As an iOS developer you will work on a specific part in all these kinds of different projects. We prefer to make the entire system, so that we can work on it with the entire team and guarantee high quality. We would love it if you could join our team!
  • Available for 32 - 40 hours
  • >= 1 years relevant work experience
  • BSc or MSc
  • passion for the profession!
  • MSc
  • Experience with GraphQL

About the position

This position is no longer available

Working at 9to5

At 9to5 you work in a small team of software engineers. Tom and Susan started the company in 2012 after their education at TU Delft and are actively participating in the development of the software. We have UX / UI designers and web, Android, iOS and back-end developers in-house. As a result, we often work on a project with the entire team. We are all in one room and often work hard and concentrated, but there is also time for fun. Dress code is casual, but representative.
On an average working day you arrive between 8:30 am and 9:00 am, we have a standup at 9 am and we get to work. Around 10 am it is time for coffee with a cookie and then continue working until lunch. Lunch is shared and delivered weekly at the cost of 9to5. After lunch we work until 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM. Is it a Friday? Then the day will end with a nice drink anyway, but that is not excluded on any other day.
Hardware at 9to5
  • MacBook Pro (or what you like)
  • 4K display
  • Laptop stand
  • Apple Magic Mouse or Trackpad
  • Bureau - adjustable in height
Software at bij 9to5
  • Google Workplace
  • Jira - for project management
  • Slack - to chat with each other and clients
  • Bitbucket - version control
  • Harvest - time tracking

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